What on earth is Bluegrass ???

An example :
If you would go into a crowded cafe in the city of Enschede where I live and remove everybody who doesn't know what bluegrass is, you probably will be sharing the room with two or three more persons. (Remember : one of them is still the barkeeper)
If you would then kindly ask who actually can play(!) a bluegrass instrument, you will very likely end up alone with the wellknown high lonesome mountain feeling after all.

This website is mainly about my work of making bluegrass instruments such as banjo's, dobro's, mandolins, but also about special developed tools, custom parts, accessories, etc.

My personal high lonesome mountain (take a look inside)
This is also my home (according to my wife)

New : my curvature device for arching guitar backs !
For full details download the #72 issue of Guitarmaker at menu Public Files

I hope you will enjoy the stories and the fotographs and I hope it all may contribute to new contacts with players and other small-scale builders.

Wouter Pothoven
Deurningerstraat 277
7522 CD Enschede
The Netherlands

This site is always under construction, so come and visit me again.

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